Xcellerex XDUO 2500

XDUO 2500 single-use mixer provides a smart mixing solution for all of your large-scale bioprocess mixing needs, covering upstream as well as downstream applications.
Xcellerex XDUO

Outstanding mixing

The cubical tank shape, in combination with integrated dual impellers, enable fast and complete mixing.


Smart automation provides precise control of pH, temperature, and other variables with higher accuracy and consistency compared to manual methods.

Ergonomic industrial design

Crafted with ease-of-use in mind, the ergonomic and intuitive mixer and bag design enables easy handling and accurate installation of mixer bags.

Dual impellers

Robust mixing

The powerful, integrated dual impellers can be operated jointly or independently, maximizing the mixing efficiency.

A rectangular mixer? Yes!

See the poster about mixing dynamics and tank shape.
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Simplify complex processes with

Smart automation

Complex and sensitive upstream cell culture and downstream purification / separation operations are made easier using the smart automation and process control capabilities of XDUO 2500.

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21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Advanced data management

Advanced data management allows monitoring, trending, recording, exporting, and printing and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliance-enabled.

Smart capital investment

The XDUO 2500 brings the benefits of single-use to large-volume operations. The mixer allows accurate configuration of your large-scale bioprocess application, reducing your capital equipment requirements and maximizing your plant efficiency. Learn more

Smart capital investment

One XDUO 2500 Mixer eliminates the need to have multiple, small-volume mixers for handling the media preparation and harvest operation for a 2000 L bioreactor.

Accessories and applications

2500L Single-use mixer bag
2000 L bioreactor package
Large volume stainless steel facilities
FlexFactory installations
XDUO 2500 single-use mixer bag

2500L Single-use mixer bag

  • Two types: basic and plus
  • Two impellers welded to bag bottom
  • Dimensions (W × H × D): 2083 × 1092 × 1143 mm (82 × 43 × 45”)
  • Maximum volume: 2600 L
  • Nominal volume: 2500 L
  • Minimal volume (for mixing): 520 L
  • Hold-up volume: 2.5 L
  • Fluid contact layer (film material): Low-density polyethylene

XDUO Harvest

2000 L bioreactor package

  • Media preparation
  • Harvesting
  • Intermediate storage and pooling

Large volume ss facilities

Large volume stainless steel facilities

Downstream applications/unit operations

  • Buffer preparation – UF/DF
  • Cleaning reagents
  • Viral inactivation
  • pH adjustment
  • Resuspension
  • Chromatography pooling
  • Homogenization of protein solutions
  • Homogenization of vaccine adjuvants
  • Intermediate storage and pooling
  • Formulation

Flex factory

FlexFactory installations

Upstream applications

  • Media preparation
  • Perfusion – protein and spent media
  • Harvesting
  • Intermediate storage and pooling

Downstream applications / unit operations

  • Buffer preparation – UF/DF
  • Cleaning reagents
  • Viral inactivation

Innovative design for

Ease of use

The innovative design of XDUO 2500 gives you optimized handling, easier operation, and improved temperature control. The small vertical footprint simplifies bag loading and maximizes space around the tank.
The large volume bags reduce the number of liquid transfers, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Space-saving foot print


Integrated weight monitoring


Advanced data analytics, auto pH, and temperature control


Integrated automatic titration pumps


Dual panel design separates high and low voltage


Remote connectivity enables connection to M-Station, X-Station, and a PC


Easy data downloads via USB


Instrument jacket, allowing heating and cooling of the bioprocessing fluid

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pH titration

Automated viral inactivation with in-line sensors, programmable logic control (PLC), and pumps save time and minimize errors.

Automated pH adjustment enables equilibration of cell-culture media and buffer preparation, without sampling or manual addition of titrants. Formulation in the closed system provides bioprocessing with minimal risk of contamination.


Parameter Specification
Dimensions Vessel overall dimensions with panel - 2591 × 1605 × 1260 mm (102 × 63 × 49.6”) (W × H × D)
Jacket operating temperature 2°C to 60°C
Motor speed 10 to 300 rpm
Motor drive type Dual drive – independent variable frequency control
Volume 520 L to 2600 L
Automated pH control pumps Watson MarlowTM LF peristaltic pump, 520 VBM, 190 rpm
Automatic temperature control Jacketed tank and external temperature control unit (optional)
Remote connectivity FlexFactory using M-station. Other biomanufacturing platforms using X-Station
Data monitoring/recording Real-time instantaneous and trending of all variables/long-term data recording of all variables
Upstream fed-batch applications: Cell culture media preparation, harvesting, intermediate storage and pooling.
Upstream perfusion application: 200 L bioreactor, 1 to 2 media volumes/d in up to 10 d.
Downstream applications: Buffer preparation for ultrafiltration/diafiltration (UF/DF), pH adjustment, viral inactivation, dilution skid for inline dilution, chromatography pooling, homogenization of protein solutions and vaccine adjuvants, intermediate storage and pooling.
Data storage HMI SD card, CSV and PDF file formats
Data export
Local via USB flash drive. Remote via PC (with Ethernet® and web browser capabilities)
Data security Two-level protection
Data printing Enabled
Audit log 21 CFR Part 11-enabled

For more technical specifications, download the Xcellerex XDUO 2500 Mixer datafile.

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