ReadyToProcess 32 L (450/200) column

Accelerate biomolecule purification from bioreactor harvests of up to 2000 L with confidence.

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Reliable supply, predictable performance

Secure supply

Stock item availability for short delivery lead times.


No need for column packing, cleaning, or validation.

Ready to Process 32 L


Standardized format provides consistent performance.


Allows seamless scaling from clinical to manufacturing scale.

Consistent performance

The ReadyToProcess 32 L chromatography column has a validated design based on the well-proven AxiChrom platform. Robust packing methods enable production with high lot-to-lot consistency.

Each ReadyToProcess column is validated against its defined specifications.

Scalable applications

The ReadyToProcess 32 L column allows purification of bioproducts from 1000 to 2000 L sample feeds in a single-use process. 

Consistency in column geometry allows for convenient scaling of ReadyToProcess columns, from 1 L to 32 L columns.


Cost-efficient column use

The ReadyToProcess 32 L column is delivered prepacked and ready for use.

ReadyToProcess columns make several steps such as column preparation, packing, and qualification redundant, to enable significant time-savings and improve economy of downstream processes.

Cost-efficient column use

Security of supply

The standardized column format allows off-the-shelf availability for short delivery lead times.

ReadyToProcess columns are covered by our extensive security of supply program for chromatography resins, with customer safety stock possibility.

Secure storage

Addressing bioburden challenges

The ReadyToProcess 32 L column is delivered presanitized to reduce the need for cleaning and sanitization validation.

To minimize cross-contamination risk between campaigns, ReadyToProcess columns can be disposed after use.

Cost-efficient column use

Enhanced flexibility

Additional bed heights and resin choices are available through our Custom resin and column services.

Configurable design options are available to meet application requirements, such as continuous bioprocessing.

Enhanced flexibility

Available with a range of resins

The ReadyToProcess 32 L column is available with a range of BioProcess chromatography resins designed for industry applications. The resins are scalable from laboratory to manufacturing scale, produced with validated manufacturing procedures, and withstand standard CIP and SIP procedures.

Available with a range of resins

Versatile use

For a disposable solution, ReadyToProcess 32 L columns can be operated through the ÄKTA ready system, featuring a single-use flow path.

For high flow rates, the ÄKTAprocess system can be used.

Versatile use

Reliable, predictable, robust

Validated high-performance bioprocessing column supplied prepacked and ready for use.

Design compatible with ÄKTA ready high flow kit.
Designed for optimized flow distribution.
Wheels for convenient handling.
Proven sanitizable design.
Wetted parts approved according to industry standards.



32 L

Inner Cross

Inner diameter

450 mm

Inner cross section

1590 cm2


Bed height

200 mm

Column volume (L) 32
Inner diameter (mm) 450
Inner cross section (cm2) @1590
Packed bed height (mm) 200
Net size (μm)* 10/20
Mechanical compression factor (%)† ≤ 15
Outer height (mm) 629
Outer diameter incl. lid (mm) 704
Packed column weight (kg) ~ 96
Inlet TC25 connectors, tubing i.d. (mm [inch]) 12.7 (0.5)
Outlet TC25 connectors, tubing i.d. (mm) 12
Ambient temperature (°C)‡ 4–30
Liquid temperature (°C)‡ 4–30
Maximum pressure empty column (bar)§ 4
Estimated shelf life (months) 24

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