Expanding biomanufacturing capacity with single-use

Looking to create biomanufacturing capacity with single-use technologies? Learn how Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies and GE Healthcare developed the UK’s first fully single-use biomanufacturing facility in just 14 months.

Single-use technical series

Follow our single-use technical series to help you achieve your biomanufacturing goals. Gain access to bioprocessing applications data and helpful tips from skilled experts at GE Healthcare.

Topics coming soon – chromatography, tangential flow filtration, media preparation, and buffer preparation.

GE Healthcare single-use bioprocessing symposium

GE hosted a single-use bioprocessing symposium which brought together biopharmaceutical manufacturers and industry thought leaders to discuss some of the latest advances in bioprocessing. Learn about the insights shared at this event.

Key variables to consider for capacity expansion with single-use

See how single-use technologies compare to stainless steel when expanding biologic manufacturing capacity.



Our extractables and leachables policy aligns with BPOG’s protocol


BPOG white paper

One-step seed culture process

Hear how GE developed a one-step seed culture process that would eliminate the need for an intermediate seed bioreactor. The results were surprising. Read the application note.