ÄKTA readyflux

Great filtration capabilities in a compact design.


Bring confidence to filtration


Reliable automation and sensors enable efficient process control.


Flexible choice of filters and accessories provide versatile system use.



Easy, software-guided installation of the single-use flow path that supports high productivity.


Compact design for efficient use of costly clean room areas.

Fitted to your needs

ÄKTA readyflux is an automated single-use filtration system for pilot and small-scale manufacturing. The system is intended for crossflow (also called tangential flow) filtration applications in both upstream and downstream workflows.

Reliable operations

A high level of automation reduces operator dependency and adds consistency to your process. Should anything need your attention, such as end of process, drop in flux, or high pressure, you will be notified by a system alert.

Process data is securely stored for later analysis and evaluation, and for generation of a final batch report.


Designed with user in focus

Easy method preparation and flexible automation methods for both upstream or downstream operations require no programming expertise. Preprocess, process, and post-process steps are included in the methods and are supported by the pre-programmed method phases.

Installation of the flow path is quick and reliably guided by the software-aided installation wizard.

Designed with user in focus

Small footprint, wide application range

The compact system design allows for low minimum recirculation volume, for high concentration factors and product recovery.

The system can be used with both filter cassettes and hollow fiber filter cartridges. Hollow fiber filter cartridges are connected using an adjustable filter holder. The Fluxkart fits cassette holders of choice.

The system supports the use of a wide range of single-use bags. While the Bagkart fits 2D bags, 3D bags can be used with the XDUO or XDM mixers.

Single-use Flow Kits for your convenience

The Flow Kits are supplied gamma irradiated and includes single-use flow path, pumps, and sensors for pressure, conductivity, temperature, flow, and pH (depending on choice of Flow Kit).

The Flow Kits are available with Tri‑Clamp™ connectors or with ReadyMate connectors for aseptic connection.  

Flow Kits

Single-use Flow kits

Flexible filter use

For closed system operations, ReadyToProcess hollow fiber filters, delivered presterilized and ready for use, are recommended. ReadyMate connectors enable quick and easy aseptic connection of the filter to the system. To increase operator safety, minimize cross-contamination risk, and address bioburden challenges, the filter is disposed together with the flow path after use.

Most commercially available filter cassettes can be used with the system.

Flexible filter use

Efficiency, productivity, versatility

ÄKTA readyflux single-use filtration system provides great filtration capabilities in a compact design.

ReadyToProcess hollow fiber filters to be mounted on side of main system

One for product recovery in recirculation line, one for product, and one for waste in permeate line.

One for buffers, one for product, and one for air in the transfer line; and one for flushing, one for cleaning solution, and one for storage solution in the recirculation line.

For single-use 2D bags.
Slope design

Sloped flow path improves product recovery.

Flow Kit:
Pressure (on f, r and p)
Cond and temp (on r)
Flow (on p)

Flow Kit plus:
Pressure (on f, r and p)
Cond and temp (on r and p)
Flow and pH (on p)

f= feed, r= retentate, p= permeate
System control

UNICORN software installed on a separate computer.

Fits your cassette holder of choice.
Flow path,

With colors assigned to the different flow path sections.


Dimensions (width × depth × height)
1100 × 880 × 1520 mm
Weight, main system
280 kg
Dimensions, Bagkart (width × depth × height)
910 × 810 × 1550 mm
Weight, Bagkart
100 kg
Dimensions, Fluxkart (width × depth × height)
720 × 450 × 1000 mm
Weight, Fluxkart
40 kg
UNICORN 7.1 or later version
Control system
100/240 V
AC voltage frequency
Max. power consumption
1 kVA
Ingress protection
Compressed air interface
5.5–7 bar, 50 NL/min, oil- and particle-free
Recommended operating conditions

Ambient temperature
4°C to 32°C
Liquid temperature
4°C to 50°C
Liquid pressure
-0.4 to 4 bar
Fluid density
800 to 1200 kg/m3
 Fluid viscosity



5-fold of water viscosity
1.3-fold of water viscosity

 Flow rates
Feed pump

Transfer pump
Permeate pump

0.2–18 L/min
0.5–6 L/min
0.05–1.5 L/min

 Filter specification
 Hollow fiber filter cartridges

Max. no. of cartridges
Cartridge size
Total filter area


5, 6, 8, or 9
0.12 to 0.84 m2

 Filter cassettes

No. of cassette holders
No. of cassettes
Total filter area


1 to 5
0.46 to 2.50 m2

For more technical specifications, download the ÄKTA readyflux data file.

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